According to a recent report from MSN, Scooters in Twin Falls has the absolute best burger in Idaho with their bison burger.

It appears this study was based on Yelp reviews. I have never had anything bad at Scooter's Chillin' and Grillin', also know as just Scooter's. Their garlic Parmesan fries are to die for but apparently their bison burger is the bee's knees.

I love going to Scooter's. They have some amazing food and drink options. It is a good place for family dinner before the crowd gets too wild and if you are looking for a fun casual hang out, it is definitely a fun place to go. The service there has always been impeccable as well.

The burger that is featured is bison with onion strings, habanero cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomato and barbecue sauce. I am not sure how I have never had this burger but now it is on my must try list the next time I decide to go in there.

Almost every time that I go in to Scooter's I get myself some of their wings with their raspberry chipotle sauce because it is heavenly. The wings are cooked perfectly and they are absolutely huge. Now I am getting hungry.

I am not sure what the best burger in Twin Falls is, because I am not sure I have ever had a bad burger in this town. People here definitely love their burgers and fries.

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