Who couldn't use a good laugh right now? This Twin Falls Police Officer decided to share some epic dad jokes around the office. They are so bad they are good.

Ahh, Twin Falls Police Department is notorious for sharing some hilarious and down to earth content. This video of Officer Waite telling corny dad jokes may take the cake. There are some oldies but goodies in here too.

The only crime committed in this video, is Officer Waite telling his corny jokes. We do hope they give you a good laugh!

Posted by Twin Falls Police Department on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Anything that starts with "Hey, wanna hear a joke" has to be good. I definitely want to hear some of your favorite dad jokes or corny jokes just to share a laugh or two. Are these jokes going to sell out arenas? No. Does Officer Waite have a career as a stand up comedian? Also no. Should he keep his day job as an officer? Definitely. And did he bring a smile to my face? Also definitely.

Thank you officers for having such a great personality and sense of humor. We have a couple of great dad jokes as well.

"Why did the cowboy get a wiener dog?"

So he could get "A loooong little doggie"

What do you call a nosy pepper?

Jalapeno business!

Ha, maybe we can get one of our jokes featured in his next video. Thanks so much guys.

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