These challenges are completely getting out of hand. Apparently the new place to do stupid stuff is on the app TikTok where kids share short videos together. The latest viral challenge is the "Skullbreaker Challenge". Yea, that sounds safe.

It seems like kids will do anything to get internet famous. At first, the "victim" didn't know it was happening but now that it has gone viral, kids are willing participants.

The entire premise behind it is 3 kids stand in a line, the outer 2 kids say something to get the kid in the middle to jump in the air. Once the middle kid jumps in the air the 2 on the outside of the line kick the feet out from under them, making the middle kid land on the ground without being able to catch themselves.

I did a lot of crazy things with my friends when I was a kid, lots of pranks on each other, mostly things like pantsing in the locker room or something. We never did things that could, I don't know, break their heads open! Some reports say that kids are going to the hospital and even one reported death.

Doctors are urging parents to talk to their kids to help prevent further serious injury from these challenges. Teens are getting concussions, breaking bones and suffering from other serious injuries. Please kids, stop the madness!

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