It has to be incredibly frustrating for those who frequent the gym every day, for the last whoever knows how long, to have to deal with the crowded gym equipment and space. New Year resolution time brings a flock of people to the gym. Before frustration, consider a few things.

Everyone started their fitness journey somewhere. Sure, every single new person in that gym may not be there a week or a month from now, but some of them might be. And getting frustrated or even worse, mocking the newbies, is even more disheartening than the fact these people realized they needed a change in life.

How about helping a newbie or two out? Show them how to use the equipment. Encourage them. Make them want to come back. They see your muscles and fitness and already feel uncomfortable with themselves. Maybe you could become the reason they continue to come rather than never want to go back.

And all the newbies out there, make sure you do not commit the gym sins. Don't take a machine in a crowded gym, sit there on your phone and not actually use it. Sure, if you use your phone every now and then, maybe change a song, that's all good. Just don't take a 5 minute "break" between sets and take up a machine that could be put to good use. And 30 minutes on the treadmill should be plenty of time. Take a break and go back to it later if you have to.

Newbies, clean up after yourself. Put your weights away, wipe down the equipment, put the yoga balls and equipment back where you found it. The one thing worse than an over crowded gym is an over crowded gym that is now a mess.

Change the stigma of going to the gym, be encouraging, be courteous, abide by gym etiquette. Maybe more people will be able to change their lives.

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