There has been so much confusion surrounding the stay at home order that was issued by Governor Brad Little. Some people have been told they need documentation or a letter just to travel outside their homes to go to work or grocery shopping. Twin Falls Sheriff's Office responded saying that is not true.

A Twin Falls Sheriff's Officer may still stop you for whatever traffic violation you may or may not have done, but they will not ask for any documentation proving that you are an essential worker. It is not against the order to travel outside of your home. You are asked to limit your travel because we are in this stay at home order but you don't need a "hall pass" to get around.

Honestly, I had heard the rumors that you needed documentation as well to travel. At least something showing that you are an essential employee. You will only need something like that if you are getting services that are provided specifically to essential employees.

So don't worry, you and your family is safe from fines or arrest if you don't have a piece of paper that says that you are allowed out of your house. Make sure you abide by the traffic laws and you will not see any officers and you won't get a ticket, just like every other day.

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