It's not easy being lonely in Twin Falls. You find yourself looking for relationships in all kinds of places. One of the more entertaining destinations is the Missed Connections area on Twin Falls Craigslist. Here are just a few of your fellow citizens that need a hug.

For the record, none of these listings have been altered. They are way more funny the way they were originally written.

Rode with you up the Mayday lift on Saturday and had a delightful conversation. I wanted to get your name/number etc at the top but my friends skied off and I took off after them. Then never saw you again. I'd like to buy you a drink and continue the conversation. You live and work in Hailey and I just retired from the same profession as your sisters. Look for me on the slopes or respond to this ad. In the mean time stay warm and have fun.

You work at the gym, I don't know your name,I want to talk to you so bad. Blonde, blue eye's and you have a tattoo on your back. You are gorgeous.I catch you looking at me. Don't know anything about you. Single/taken?Pm me back if you see this!

You're in the gym every morning working out like an animal. You start out with your jacket on and then after a couple of sets, it comes off once you get warm. Just wanted to say I admire your work ethic and am inspired. Doubt you will see this, but who knows. Tell me the color of the jacket you wear every day in the gym. I would love to hear from you.

Seen you at Walmart this morning, Wednesday December 2nd. You were in your team meeting by the bathroom in the back of the store... you waved me through... Hope you see this!

Handsome man looking in ash tray. I watched you getting cigarettes. You have a dark brown/black gotea wearing a tan coat dark pants. You are so sexxy and I have to see you again. If your interested reply. Hope to hear from you!

There was something. Beautiful, tall, blonde girl! You were wearing an Arizona Sweatshirt and very nice jeans. I'd like to connect with you. I am very unique reply with my description if you see this.

Sorry I didn't want to post here but let's see!

Let's hope that these folks make the love connection they're looking for. May all of your connections in 2016 not be missed!

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