Prom dresses are expensive! There is no doubt about that. There are people who can't go to prom because they can't afford a dress. One Twin Falls boutique is hoping to change that.

Ooh La La in Downtown Twin Falls is offering every girl who may not be able to afford a prom dress the ability to still get one. Families that may have fallen on hard times or simply can't afford the luxury of dropping money on a dress that will only be worn once can go to Ooh La La and they will get every girl a dress.

And if you can afford a dress but still want a discount, they are also offering a good grades discount. Go in, show that you have good grades and dresses will be discounted for you.

I have to admit, this would have been nice when I was a teenager. Prom is like a right of passage in high school. Now, if a girl wants to attend, the dress is no longer preventing that from happening.

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