JEROME, Idaho – The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said fish stocking will be suspended a Gavers Lagoon for a habitat rehabilitation project that begins next month.

The habitat rehabilitation project will take place in early September for about a month or so, the department said in a news release. Normally the lagoon, located at the Hayspur Hatchery near Picabo and popular with Wood River Valley anglers, is stocked regularly with rainbow trout.

Don’t worry, this is a project that won’t drag on for months. Anglers who like to use the lagoon may better enjoy the site once the surrounding habitat is improved.

The project, which will include dredging the lagoon to increase its depth and bank stabilization to improve habitat around the lagoon, will concluded sometime the following month, in October.

“During this time, Gavers Lagoon will not be stocked or suitable for fishing, and the area will be closed to the public,” the department said. “The campground will remain open throughout the construction period.”


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