It’s happy ever after for Once Upon A Toy.

The Edwardsville, Illinois store has been saved from shutting its doors after the local community rallied around with donations.

Once Upon A Toy was on the cusp of bankruptcy and going out of business if it couldn’t pay a $76,000 bank loan by Friday. Well, citizens in town and other local businesses teamed up to pay off the debt. In a spirit of helping others not seen since ‘It’s a Wonderful Life,’ other businesses in the area chose to donate 10% of their earnings from all sales one day this week.

The campaign has been such a success that Once Upon A Toy has actually come out ahead, thanks to an online petition that helped push it over the amount needed to stay afloat. At last check, the store has received more than $80,000, which means Once Upon A Toy should keep the fun and games flowing for the foreseeable future.

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