I don't know if you are dealing with this pandemic in the same ways that I am, but with kids I'm looking for ways to get out of the house while still staying away from other people. One thing we have found that allows us to get outdoors and away from people is doing family picnics. There seems to be some sort of power in laying down a blanket with your family while eating that deters others from coming close. Letting out a fake cough every now and then is also a nice deterrent.

We've been at this since the end of March and we still enjoy getting out to eat and play some Frisbee, but we've been needing to mix up our scenery. So, we've come up with a different place you can picnic for every day of the week. Making the list was tough since Twin Falls has so many great parks in the city and other beautiful locations to pick from.

Thomsen Park has been our go-to park since we moved to Twin Falls more than a decade ago. The park offers a lot of open space for playing games, riding bikes, a playground, volleyball court, and covered benches for picnics and parties.

First Federal Park at Sunway is a newer park in Twin Falls which includes a splash pad, playground, soccer fields, and covered areas for picnics. The park is also next to restrooms and a concession stand, though that isn't always open.

The Olde Towne Parkway Rock Creek is a great trail we just visited for the first time a few weeks ago. Rock Creek Park has a stigma that deters some people from visiting, but this trail isn't part of that. This area of the canyon is beautiful and has many picnic benches along the pathway. The trail also runs along the river so you can play or cool off. Dogs are also welcome along the pathway. Plus parking is right next to the Twin Falls BMX Park so you can play there too.

Vista Bonita Park is probably my family's second favorite park in Twin Falls. There is a basketball court, baseball diamond, playground, shade trees, and a covered picnic area. The park is similar to Thomsen Park with large open areas and a bike or walking trail around the outside.

Centennial Waterfront Park may not be the best park for everyone. It is a nice area in the canyon next to the Snake River but it also always seems to be busy. There is enough grassy area to lay out a picnic blanket and many covered picnic benches are available. The park is also where kayaks and boats load into the water which adds to the human congestion. That  being said, if you like to kayak Centennial is a great spot. You can also do a small hike up to the Perrine Coulee Falls.

Shoshone Falls Park also gets you access to see the Shoshone Falls. The park has many picnic benches so you can eat and enjoy the view of the waterfall. Some like to use the picnic areas at Dierkes Lake which is near the Shoshone Falls.

Your own yard could be a great picnic spot too and help you appreciate what you have close to home. Or if you don't like your house enough for that to count as a picnic spot, you could head over to the CSI campus and enjoy the rose garden and other beautiful sights in the center of campus.

Map directions for the parks can be found below.

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Best Picnic Parks In Twin Falls

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