2011... what a year! The cancellation of "All My Children," a giant wolf in Sun Valley hoax, Marines fighting kickboxers, hostage situation... these are a few of the stories you were interested in during 2011. Here's our top 10!

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    Meet The Band Perry at Hastings in Twin Falls

    95.7 KEZJ was proud to welcome The Band Perry to Twin Falls. On September 4th, we hosted a special CD Signing Party at Hastings on Blue Lakes and invited all of our listeners to meet Kimberly, Reid and Neil. The event was a huge success and The Band Perry went on to blow the roof off the Twin Falls County Fair!

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    Officer Shot During Hostage Situation in Twin Falls

    On July 15th, a routine traffic stop turned into a high speed chase through Twin Falls and culminated in a hostage situation at the Hampton Inn. Clark Cleveland shot and killed Utah resident Tracy Ivie, shot a policeman in the leg and held a woman hostage before he surrendered to police. Cleveland has been sentenced to life, 30 years for shooting the State Police trooper and 25 years for kidnapping the woman and holding her hostage at gunpoint during the ordeal.

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    Father’s Day Trophy Room

    For Father's Day 2011, we gave you a chance to submit your dad's trophy! It could be his car, his kids, his record sturgeon, or anything else. You submitted some great photos in this gallery proving how much you love dad!

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    Marine vs Kickboxer Video

    This post caused a little bit of controversy when it was posted in June. Originally we assumed the video was legit, and it was indeed a Marine wasting a kickboxer in an underground fistfight, but a bit of research uncovered that this was a scene from a movie filmed in 2008. Seems we weren't the only ones fooled. The video was picked up by several national sites as well.

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    Gigantic Wolf Killed in Sun Valley, Real or Fake?

    Just like the "Marine vs Kickboxer" this was a hoax, albeit one a bit closer to home. In November Jackie posted a picture of an enormous wolf that had allegedly been killed in Sun Valley. Turns out the picture is real, but the facts are incorrect. Terry followed up the story a week later and found that the bohemouth wolf was killed in October of 2009 in Canada, not in Sun Valley. The wolf reportedly weighs over 230lbs, smashing the previous record of 175lbs.

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    ABC Cancels ‘All My Children,’ ‘One Life to Live’

    In April Adam West announced the end of an era: ABC announced that it is canceling its long-running soap operas ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live.’

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    People of Walmart – Music Video

    Apparently you couldn't get enough of this video and song featuring actual Walmart shoppers. It never ceases to amaze us how for some reason the dress code goes out the window when people shop at Walmart.

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    Country Star Josh Turner To Perform at “Givin’ Meth the Boot”

    The Idaho Meth Project brought in country music star Josh Turner to perform in Idaho Falls on Thursday, August 25, 2011, to raise money to support the Meth Project’s prevention campaign in Idaho.

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    Science Fair Project Could Cure Cystic Fibrosis

    Marshall Zhang is an 11th grader at Bayview Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Canada who decieded to researching cystic fibrosis, and came up with a theory that if you used a certain mix of drugs, it could completely stamp out the effects of the disease. To test his science experiment he contacted Dr. Christine Bear of Canada’s Hospital for Sick Children. She let him use a supercomputer where he could model the effects of his drug cocktail on cells infected with cystic fibrosis. He found that the cells treated with the two drugs were functioning correctly. Meaning the treated cells became healthy once again.

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    The Standards Appear On The Morning Show with Brad and Jackie

    Local entertainers The Standards joined Brad and Jackie with a big surprise on September 19th! The Standards revealed that they will be changing their names to ‘Spencer’s Own’ and they debuted their new single, “Idaho Love”.