MURTAUGH, Idaho (KLIX)-Anglers might find a distinctive fish at the end of their line at Murtaugh Lake if Idaho fisheries managers decide to introduce the species. Tiger muskie, identifiable by their tiger-like patterns, are the topic of discussion at the Magic Valley Idaho Department of Fish and Game as a means to deal with non-game fish like common carp and Utah chub. Idaho Fish and Game said the fish, including Utah suckers, have impacted the number of sport fish available to anglers in the area. The Tiger muskie mainly survive from eating other fish and would be used to cut down the population carp, Utah chub and sucker. In turn the muskie could become a prize trophy fish for anglers, according to Idaho Fish and Game. The Tiger muskie, which is a sterile hybrid species of Northern pike, can grow to lengths of more than 40 inches. Tiger muskie are found in other parts of Idaho where the record fish caught measured 52.5 inches and weighed in at 44.25 pounds. The agency is asking the public what they think about the proposal and is taking comments through September 30, by calling 208-324-4359.

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