Your friends can be a big help when you're trying to lose weight:  They can work out with you, give you advice, and offer you encouragement.  But some friends can actually PREVENT you from losing weight, and you might not even realize it.

Here are three types of friends who can derail your diet.

#1.)  The Friend Who Doesn't Like To See You Struggle.  If your friend tells you that you seem miserable, or asks if you're sure it's really worth it, it might seem like they're trying to help. 

But they're not exactly being supportive.  And THEY might not realize it either, but they're actually encouraging you to keep being unhealthy. 

 #2.)  The Friend Who Encourages You to Cheat.  If they say something like, "You're doing so well, you deserve that slice of pizza", they're making the diet even harder on you, and encouraging you to fall off the wagon.

#3.)  Your Food Buddy.  If you used to go out to dinner together, or eat junk food in front of the TV, your friend might be worried that you'll start criticizing THEIR eating habits.  Or, that your friendship might not survive your new lifestyle.

There's also a chance they'll just be jealous.  And any of those three things can lead them to sabotage your diet, even if they don't do it on purpose.