If you know anyone hopeful to rent a home and/or move to the area, be sure you know that Twin Falls gets scammed too.

Unfortunately, I knew the person getting scammed. Fortunately, they did not fall for it. Ads on craigslist draw in people who are desperate and hopeful. This man claimed to be someone that he definitely wasn't, (I actually know the person they were claiming to be), claimed to be living out of state for the time being and said he was an honest and good Christian man who wanted nothing more than to have someone take care of his house like it was his own. Well, joke was on us, it wasn't his own.

After calling the realtor company that is actually managing the property, we were able to confirm the scam. If anyone ever wants you to send them money, then they will send you a lease/contract that's a red flag. If they ask for money and they will send you keys, another red flag. Just make sure you are careful and do lots of research.

Renting in the area is really tough and some people may start feeling desperate. These scam artists thrive on desperation.

This guy went as far as to find a lease agreement online and send it in hopes to convince this person it was not a scam. If you come across something like this report it to the site you got it from, the police and the realtor that is actually managing the property.

On a side note, if anyone knows a rental property that does month to month leasing, let us know in the comments.

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