Living in Idaho is not for everyone, but we love it here. And when you travel and people ask you where you are from, you proudly tell them. Well, undoubtedly you have probably heard at least one of these comments.

If you tell people you are from Idaho, they may have a mixed reaction. Here are some pretty common responses.


  • 1


    No! Idaho and Iowa are completely different states on different sides of the country! Same with Ohio!

  • 2

    No "You-Da-Ho"

    Hahahahahahahahaha....yea, never heard that one before.

  • 3

    Do you eat anything but potatoes?

    Yes, everyone in Idaho lives solely on potatoes with the occasional deer or elk steak. It is against the law to not have a potato with every meal.

  • 4

    Oh so you're part of the NRA

    Well, not all of us are, but you can pretty much bet that when you walk into a store, 90 percent of the people there are concealed carrying. We like our guns and our safety.

  • 5

    Is there anything to do there?

    Nope, nothing at all. We don't have some of the most gorgeous mountains, beautiful hikes, skiing, biking, fishing, hunting, camping, lakes, rivers or anything fun. Best not to come visit.

  • 6

    Oh so you're from Boise?

    Contrary to popular belief, not everyone from Idaho lives in Boise. And most of us don't actually want to live there.

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