Do you agree with this list of the top five little ways Facebook is ruining your life?

1.  No one sends you birthday cards anymore . . . they just post on your wall.  But I ask you: Do you really miss physical birthday cards?  The only ones I really enjoy are when the person sending them actually takes time to write something of substance inside, like how they're doing or what the family has been up to.

2.  People make big announcements with status updates so you find out important news from your friends at the same time as everyone else who's less important in their life.  This doesn't bother me either.  I'm usually the last one to know everything.  Facebook evens things out and now I'm right up there with everyone else.

3.  You realize other people have cooler lives than you, and you seem pretty boring in comparison.  I already know I'm not interesting and I'm okay with it.  Next?

4.  Books, movies, and TV shows are constantly getting spoiled for you.  If you don't want to know who won at the Oscars, just stay off Facebook until after the show.

5.  You get it shoved in your face when someone had a party and didn't invite you. I can see how feelings might get hurt in this case. Try being a 'glass half full' person and just think of it as one less thing you have to do this week.

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