So, decided to collect data from each state's Google searches to find out which Star War movie was the most popular. Last year, Idaho's most popular one was Attack of the Clones, and this year wasn't much better.

The most popular Star Wars movie in Idaho is.... Revenge of the Sith. Come on Idaho, how is the most popular one not even part of the original three?! Everyone knows The Empire Strikes Back is the best one!

fave star wars movie

Admittedly, just because it is the most popular one searched, doesn't mean it is everyone's favorite. And also, it is at least a step up from Attack of the Clones which was by far the worst Star Wars movie of all time, competing anyway with Phantom Menace. In fact, according to one site, Revenge of the Sith is the fourth best movie. So I guess we can't complain too much even though, it isn't part of the original trilogy.

At least the rest of the country got it right. The original three movies are the most popular in 27 states. Majority rules.

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