Idahoans say things a little differently and we have a variety of towns with unique names. We have compiled a list of some of the ones that we find the most difficult to say. 

If you could think of some others please let us know. But when I first moved here these town names were the hardest for me to say.

  1. Coeur d'Alene pronounced Kore-da-lane this town also happens to be the most difficult one to spell in my opinion. The first time I ever read it I butchered how to say it. So bad
  2. Pend Oreille is both a lake and a county. People have spelled it Ponderay just so it is easier to pronounce. Another name I butchered when I moved here
  3. Boise is pronounced boy-see. There is no Z in Boise
  4. Kuna looks simple but pretend the K is a hard "Q" It is Q-nah
  5. Weiser again appears to be an easy one but it is actually pronounced Weezer, like the awful band.
  6. Picabo looks so strange. It is actually pronounced peek-a-boo like the game
  7. Shoshone is easy to mix up because people think of the Indian tribe, but it is Show-Shown
  8. Castleford seems like an easy name and it kind of it, you just have to make sure you enunciate the ford, it isn't Castle-furd, it is Castle Ford
  9. Buhl I have heard pronounced Bull a couple of times but no, it is "Bewel"
  10. Bruneau is pretty easy to figure out, it is super hard to spell though
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