A recent study indicates that the number of children and teens who play mobile games are on the rise.

Polygon reports that EEDAR released the results of its 2014 Deconstructing Mobile & Tablet Gaming Report (which surveyed over 3,500 active mobile gamers), indicating that there are over 142 million mobile gamers in North America alone. The overall number of mobile gamers has increased by 31 million since EEDAR's 2013 report. In 2014, the average mobile gamer has spent $32.65 on their mobile games since starting to play them, which led to over a $4.6 billion profit for the entire industry. The report also indicates that nearly half of all mobile gamers do not spend any money to play their mobile games whatsoever.

The most interesting thing about EEDAR's findings is that the average age of all mobile gamers is roughly 27 years old, which is a steep decline compared to last year's mean of 34. This is undoubtedly due to more and more children/teens getting smart devices (including both mobiles and tablets) and playing games as the free-to-play method of gaming is increasing tremendously.

In terms of gender, EEDAR revealed that casual mobile players tend to be younger (around 26 years old) and tend to be female (over 70 percent). Survey takers who indicated they were also console gamers on the survey had an average age of 30 and a little over 58 percent were male.

Despite how you feel about cell phone games, these numbers indicate a growth in the market as more publishers and developers are gearing up to enter the mobile gaming industry.