My little brother just came through Twin Falls for a few days and even though it was a billion degrees, he didn't want to just sit around the house in the AC with his family. So, we packed up the kayaks and went to Dierkes to play in the water for a few hours one day. We didn't go on any hikes because the weather was too dangerous to get out and exert much energy. Normally we would take visitors out to the Perrine Bridge to see the canyon and hopefully a few BASE jumps, but again it just felt too hot.

That got me thinking about all the cool places around town that we don't normally think about when visitors come to town. Twin Falls is much more than a bridge and a waterfall.

What Are Some Cool Hidden Treasure Locations In Twin Falls?

I feel like we overthink what to do when someone comes to visit Twin Falls. We assume that we have to take visitors to the most showy and extravagant places, when really there are so many low-key locations around town that a guest would love to see. This list will show you seven of the coolest secret treasure locations around Twin Falls for you to visit or to take visitors and feel a bit like a tour guide:

7 Hidden Gem Locations In Twin Falls

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Get out and enjoy the beauty the area has to offer, even a trip to any of our great local parks and playgrounds is a good idea for getting outdoors and having fun.

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