Do people who drive in Idaho also drive you crazy? Well, here are our "Ten Commandments" for driver's here that obviously follow all these rules.

*Disclaimer: this is a joke. PLEASE people STOP doing these things*

1.) Don't drive the speed limit EVER. Especially on Blue Lakes, that needs to be at least 25. 35 is WAY too dangerous. BUT, if you are driving down Poleline, then either go 25 or 75, there is no in between.

2.) You can run red lights, it's fine. Big truckers, small cars, whatever. And we aren't just talking about the yellow questionable red lights, we are talking full on, been red for 5 seconds red lights. Everyone else can wait.

3.) If you are turning on a green turn arrow, make sure you only go through quickly enough and leave enough space between cars to make sure only 2 to 3 cars can make it through. Those lights are timed way too long. 5-10 cars through an intersection is just ridiculous.

4.) As far as people merging: you either have to let 20 cars merge or zero cars. Pick one and hold your ground. If you want to let 20 cars in, don't start moving until they have ALL made it in front of you. If you don't want to let anyone in, run them off the road before you budge.

5.) It is super important for everyone to document every single second of their day, so make sure you keep your cell phones out while driving. Talk, text, Facebook, Snapchat, Insta! Do it all! Everyone around you wants to be part of your story, so if you wreck, you really are just doing them a favor.

6.) If you are elderly, you have every right to drive down the center of two lanes, especially on Blue Lakes at 5 P.M. You have paid your taxes long enough, you own and operate both sides of the road. People can wait.

7.) Parking your vehicle? We have some great examples of everything you should do! Take up as many spots as you would like, park so close no one can open their car doors, park the wrong direction. You do you!

8.) Are you making a turn? You better virtually come to a complete stop or you just may roll your vehicle! Trucks, you be especially careful, you don't want to turn too fast and end up in a ditch somewhere!

9.) Driving on the highway? You absolutely MUST stay in the left lane NO MATTER WHAT! Going 10 miles under the speed limit? Have a wide open right lane? Have a line of cars behind you 15 miles long? Nope! Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT ever get in the right lane so people can pass in the left. That is just ludicrous.

10.) Basically, do whatever you want. You're the only person on the road that matters, that has a schedule and a family.

AGAIN: This is a joke! Please don't do these things! 

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