Local Twin Falls band gets TV spot in Boise, Idaho
Local Twin Falls punk rock band, SKiTTiSH iTZ, was aired on Boise Alternative earlier this year. They do a hilarious interview and feature the songs 'GENERATiON', 'THESE WORDS FULL OF HOPE', and 'SCENE iT'. The band, originally formed in Twin Falls in 2006, moved to Boi…
Do You Know What Your Makeup Is Made Out Of?
My family and I went on a little hike with a geologist from The College of Southern Idaho. It was very interesting. I learned what the first toaster was made out of and I learned what my makeup is made out of.
‘Rock Vomit’ Causing Problems in Alaska [VIDEOS]
By the looks of it, you'd think a band of Alaskan creatures threw a rockin' party and had a bit too much to drink.
That's because an invasive species, nicknamed "rock vomit," has infiltrated the state, covering plants, rocks, seashells, boats and any other hard surfac…
The Rock Returns to Wrestling [VIDEO]
Dwayne Johnson is returning to wrestling. The artist still known as The Rock was introduced last night as the surprise host of Wrestlemania 27, which will take place in Atlanta at the end of March.
Johnson, whose last ring appearance was in 2004, left professional wrestling to pursue a career in acti…