Are You Embarrassing Your Kids?
We all post pictures of our kids on Instagram or on Facebook. It's our way of keeping our out-of-town friends and family caught up on what our kids are doing.
But, have you ever wondered if these pictures will embarrass your kids later on in life?
Kim Kardashian Hot or Not?
I still can't figure in the world, is this chick famous? She's not a musician, actress or active model. As far as I am concerned, she's a girl with a pretty face and a HUGE badonkadonk. She put out an awful tape and got lucky when Ryan Seacrest gave her family a reality show…
Pictures with Santa can be extreme cute, especially with babies. According to family waited in a long line at the mall in Boise, Idaho to get a picture of 8-month-old Kiptyn with the Santa there.
After over 30 minutes of waiting, little Kiptyn fell asleep.

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