Fall Arrives Early in Twin Falls
While the first official day of Fall isn't until September 22nd, the weather forecast tells a different story. It seems that Fall has arrived in the Magic Valley a little early.
Signs That Fall is Officially Here – Our Top Five
Many long-time residents of the Magic Valley will tell you that if you don’t like the weather, you should “wait five minutes.” That’s true of the other three seasons in Twin Falls, but when Fall arrives--usually right around Halloween--there’s no mistaking itȁ…
Kirstie Alley Fell on “Dancing With The Stars”
KIRSTIE ALLEY is on "Dancing With Stars" this season, and she was doing pretty well.  That surprised some people, because of her weight.  (--GEORGE LOPEZ being one of them.)
And that 'surprise' made OTHER people mad, because it's not fair to ASSUME bigger ladies can't shake a leg.
Anyway, la…