You'll Spend $500 on Dinners and Drinks During the Holidays
Just when your budget was about to bust after buying toys, necklaces, and flat screens this month, prepare to fully blow it up with fancy appetizers and booze. We'll put $537 toward socializing during the holidays. And you'll never guess which seasonal drink is the most popular.
Free Thanksgiving Dinner
"May the hungry be fed, the outcast be welcomed, and the most good be done." This is the message that the Salvation Army puts into our community.
Thanksgiving Stress
Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. My entire family gets together to eat, laugh, talk and play games. There is only one problem...it's THIS week!
Restaurants Open on Christmas Day
Christmas dinner is typically spent with family, but most of us have had a year or two when we couldn't make it to dinner with the family. In this case you either make a sandwich at home or go to a local restaurant. Several restaurants are open in Twin Falls on Christmas day.
No Turkey?
People are always trying new diets and ways to eat food. Some people can't have gluten. Many people get all their nutritious from a blender by juicing.
Homemade Sushi For Dinner
Women are always trying to come up with new recipes that their husband will enjoy. We all have those few meals that we can make for our husbands that will make them really tackle their "honey do" lists. So, me being the loving wife I am, decided to make sushi for my husband because…
Is Cocktail Attire Required In Twin Falls Restaurants? [POLL]
My husband and I joined some friends for dinner this weekend at a restaurant on the canyon and felt very under dressed. I was wearing jeans, a blouse and a scarf and my husband was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. Everyone around us was wearing cocktail dresses, 4 inch heals and looked like they had …
What Happened At Your Thanksgiving Dinner? [POLL]
Since Thanksgiving I have heard lots of different stories about Thanksgiving dinner going a little different than planned. I have heard everything from drunk relatives at the dinner table to cats getting on the table and helping themselves to dinner before anyone else.

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