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2014 Black Friday Ads
The 2014 Black Friday ads are out! Part of being successful during Black Friday is having a plan of attack: know where you are going and what you are buying.
Did Stores Open Too Early?
Everyone lived through Black Friday without any bruises or scratches. From what I could tell Black Friday seemed a lot less congested this year than last year. I am sure this is because I arrived at all of the major stores hours after they had already opened. By the time I got to Walmart (at 10:30pm…
Do You Buy Gifts For Yourself?
Let's be honest...we never plan on buying stuff for ourselves while we are Christmas shopping. But if you see the "perfect jacket" and its HALF OFF! You have to buy it, right?
Twin Falls Idaho 2013 Black Friday Ads
12 Days until Black Friday! Hold on to your shopping carts people, the deals are coming! If you need to make your list don't forget to check the ads. Below are links to some of your favorite stores:
The Home Depot
Best Buy

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