Want to see something terrifying? The king of all dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus Rex, was probably bigger--and scarier--than we thought. According to Gizmodo a recent study using 3D Imaging techniques proved that when the T-Rex was alive it was probably 30% heavier than originally estimated.

I'll let you consider that for a moment. If I was 30% heavier I would weigh nearly 250 pounds. That's not too imposing in a homo sapien, but add claws, and a mouth full of jagged teeth that can grow to the size of daggers and you're a lot more impressive. From Giz:

...The biggest dinosaur they weighed was the Chicago Field Museum's "Sue", which is the largest and most complete T-Rex skeleton around. That big bertha weighed in at 9 tons, which was 30 percent more than they anticipated.

Can you imagine 9 tons of Tyrannosaurus Rex lumbering after you? That makes the T-Rex scenes in 'Jurassic Park' a heck of a lot scarier.

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