In every television show or movie involving a police station, an interrogation room scene is imperative. Those characters know there is a mirror with people watching on the other side. People standing in a lineup know there is someone on the other side of the mirror looking at them.

Mirrors like the ones on shows aren’t just props. They are used in police stations everywhere, but sometimes they can show up in places they shouldn’t. Places you think should be private may not be as safe as you think.

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They are called one-way mirrors, and oddly enough, two-way mirrors. Whichever name you choose, they perform the same way. These mirrors show your reflection but also allow someone on the other side to see out. They can be installed in hotel or public bathrooms and even fitting rooms.

How to Tell if the Mirror You See is Safe

These mirrors look like any other at first glance. A finger test is all you need to reveal a voyeur’s scheme. Place a finger on the surface. If there is a space between where your finger is touching and the reflection, it’s safe. If it appears that your finger is touching itself without a space, you are not going to have a good time. Remove yourself from the offending reflective surface and notify a security person, the front desk, or any authority personnel available.

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This is just one method voyeurs use to invade your privacy. There are instances of hidden cameras in smoke detectors, hotel room door peepholes, and even hangers in fitting rooms that have been discovered to have cameras.

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