In Idaho, I think many of us hoped that Stanley Lake was just gonna stay as our cool little secret. Now that it's been named on a national list as one of the best in America, that's probably not gonna remain the case.

ISLE is a provider of stand-up surfboards and paddle boards. You would think they would know a thing or two about where the best places to do that are. That's why it's beyond cool that they've named Stanley Lake (yes, our Stanley Lake) as the 2nd best lake to paddle on in America, second only to Lake Tahoe.

Since my kids are keeping me from my desire to be a professional paddle boarder, I didn't know that many people fish off those things. The rainbow trout in Stanley Lake apparently earned it big-time kudos in this paddle board list and the waterfalls didn't hurt either.

One of our friends went to Stanley Lake a couple years ago and had some fun with a drone, showing off some of the many beautiful sights up there.

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