I have to admit, if I were to ever become a police officer I would definitely want to be a K9 handler. Not just because you get to take your dog to work every single day and they are the coolest, but you get to have one of the most loyal partners ever. Well, the Shoshone Police Department shared a look into the life of a K9 handler, and I have to say I want to do it even more now.

This video has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I definitely think the officer from Georgia got what was coming to him, that dog obviously doesn't like ducks, or likes ducks too much?

I do kind of feel bad for the officer though. It looked like it hurt pretty bad. And those dogs definitely have a crazy bite. Max definitely doesn't want to be friends with Ducky. And after that performance I have a feeling Ducky doesn't want to be friends with Max either.

I can't even begin to imagine what officers have to go through on a daily basis, especially K9 handlers. This guy from Georgia at least has a good sense of humor about the entire thing. And our Shoshone Police Department must have one too, or they can at least relate.

At least this officer has no doubt in him mind that if he was attacked by a wild and crazy duck, Max has his back no matter what. Thanks for the laugh for the day.

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