Saving leftovers can be a challenge without the right technical skills. Have you ever tried to get plastic wrap to work right? Plastic wrap doesn’t care about your plight; try to get it to the dish before it sticks to itself and you can’t undo it.

But your argument is not with plastic wrap alone. What about aluminum foil? People use it for more than just holding leftovers in a cool shape.

Which Side of the Aluminum Foil is Best for Cooking?

Have you ever been confused about which side is the ‘right’ side to use of aluminum foil? Why is there a dull side and a shiny side?

Don’t shoot the messenger, but the lessons learned from your mother as a child are completely wrong. Shiny or dull sides of aluminum foil make absolutely no difference. The only reason there is a shiny or dull side at all is when it is milled, two sides contact each other.


How can there be no difference between shiny and dull? Food sticks more to the dull side, right? How long have you fretted about making sure the shiny side is facing the right way so the heat reflects more and cooks the food underneath it better?  The shiny side reflects heat and the dull side absorbs, right?

What about using foil to catch spills in the oven? Is that still a thing?

No! How could we have been so misled?

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Foil can still be used to clean the oven. This is going to take some adjustment. Now I will have to clean the bottom of my oven each time, or maybe just cook better.

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