Arctic Circle has definitely been busy. Not only are we super excited about them opening a location in Jerome, but Arctic Circle is going to be opening a second location in Twin Falls.

According to the owner of Arctic Circle, the second location will be on Pole Line where the old Popeye's Chicken used to be. That is great news for people who live on that side of town, not that driving to the Blue Lakes location is difficult.

The owner said that they are hoping to be open by January 8th barring any complications. Construction and updating a restaurant could take a little extra time if they hit some snags. Let's hope the transition goes smoothly.

I had never been to an Arctic Circle until I moved here and I have to say it is one of my favorite stops for treats that are affordable and delicious. Every year I have to partake in one of their huckleberry shakes that are seasonal.

I also have to say that whatever their white sauce is that they put on their burgers is amazing. And if you ask them they are one of the original places that started serving fry sauce. Their individually packaged fry sauces I tend to take extra of and horde in my refrigerator so I can dunk everything in delicious fry sauce.

We aren't sure yet if the new location is going to have a play place in it either. The Popeye's didn't so I would assume they aren't. But Arctic Circle is one of the few places left in Twin Falls that has a play place. We will see January 8th.

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