There aren't many places in Twin Falls where you can live but not feel like your neighbors are always up in your business. Many yards only have a few feet of land between them and their neighbors. Even if you put up a fence, you can still hear little Timmy and the dog whenever they go outside. There are a few places around town though that do offer a bit of privacy and distance, but you have to pay for those perks. One of the recently listed houses for sale in Twin Falls looks to offer the calm of cabin life without having to live far from town. With a price tag of $895,000 this house isn't for everyone, but probably something that everyone wants.

This immense log cabin on Poleline is listed for sale by Keller Williams. You'll only have one neighbor and they aren't too close that you can hear all their secrets. The house is also the most log cabin looking building I have ever seen in town and even more so than many log cabins in the mountains. And it is beautiful. I also like that it is a canyon rim home but not hanging over the edge of the canyon. Those houses are cool but scary.

Poleline Log Cabin

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