We might be learning a whole new definition of the word sunscreen in the next few years. Current climate data has teams of scientific researchers sitting around tables discussing the best possible ways to shield the Earth from solar heat.

As kids, we are slathered with ultraviolet protective lotions by our parents prior to spending an afternoon in the sunlight. My mother practically bathed my brother and I in the stuff growing up on the West Coast. Imagine sitting on a beach in the middle of a summer afternoon, and looking into the sky and seeing a massive, forcefield-type sun shade.

These types of ideas might cause one to chuckle now, but what is considered science-fiction in our times, could become a sobering reality when our children reach middle-age. I think it's smart to start kicking these types of ideas around before the options are no longer available to us.

Do you know what also sounded like science-fiction not too long ago? A team of soldiers and scientists trained to protect our planet from hostile invasion, while assisting the government with the potential mobilization of humans in an effort to relocate to other planets in our solar system to sustain life. It's called Space Force, and it was created just two years ago.

MSN news recently shared details of such plans that are currently being considered by governing bodies across the planet. Even if you don't believe in climate change, I think the fact that the dialogue is taking place is a positive thing. Would you agree?

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