About two weeks ago a white and red dog showed up on my doorstep in Buhl. This friendly, and fun dog--who unfortunately didn't have any tags--just ran right into our house and made himself right at home. It wasn't long before we named him 'Sam' and he was acting like part of our family. My wife and I scanned Craigslist, called local and surrounding pounds and shelters, and even walked Sam up and down all the surrounding neighborhoods, but couldn't find where he belonged. I even posted pics of Sam in hopes that his owners would spot him... but it wasn't working, and we couldn't find Sam's owners.

Then Sam took matters into his own paws.

Somehow Sam managed to get out of our yard and escaped. My son Jack and I scoured Buhl and called the animal shelters all over again. I was worried sick about Sam, but I couldn't find him. He wasn't anywhere. He seemed to have just vanished.

My mom told me that Sam probably just went home.

It turns out moms know what they're talking about. Sam had indeed located his owner and went home.

This morning my wife sent me a message saying Sam was back. Apparently he ran around the corner to our house, then straight back into the house like he owned the place again. But this time he had tags! We immediately contacted Sam's owner and found that he only lived a few houses down from us!

Life is funny and strange sometimes.

Sam is staying over for a few hours until his owner gets done with work, and then he's heading home. But he's always welcome at our house.

It's good to know stories can still have happy endings.