Before I moved to Idaho I had no idea that sturgeon were these massive dinosaur fish in our rivers. But, when you come here you quickly find out that sturgeon are a sought after fish for anglers looking to get an epic picture and a fish tale sharable for future generations.

Granted, not all sturgeon are monster fish. Some are small and some are large, but the one that was just caught north of Idaho is a true prehistoric giant. The white giant was measured at 11 feet and six inches long with a girth around the belly of four and a half feet, and an estimated weight of nearly 900 pounds. It was caught on the Fraser River in British Columbia, around 15 hours just to the north and a little west of us here in Southern Idaho.

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The Instagram post, with pictures of the big white sturgeon, claims the catch is most likely a record breaking one.

While the size of the white sturgeon is something to brag about, so is the time it took to reel in the creature. Most stories of a sturgeon catch involved a long fight between man and beast as the fisher reeled in the line. The guys in BC did the whole task in about 25 minutes.

You can compare the size of that catch with a recent beauty in Idaho to see how monstrous the white sturgeon was.

The Idaho sturgeon looks pretty big too.

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