The 2021 "Pooch Splash," a day in which dogs can frolic off leash at Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls, is happening this Saturday, September 18. The event is a fundraiser for the city's animal shelter, and will help with costs for the care of these animals.

The one day of the year many Magic Valley dog owners look forward to will take place this Saturday at Dierkes Lake. The news was shared recently by People For Pets / Twin Falls Animal Shelter. People For Pets was established in 1988, and assists the shelter with the care and treatment of animals impounded there.

The annual event at the popular city lake draws a large number of families that want to give their dogs an afternoon of exercise and water play. This weekend's event will take place from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

Along with allowing dogs to roam off leash, organizers are including food vendors, family activities and a raffle. To participate in the event, a ticket will cost $10. All money collected will be used toward medical expenses and care of sheltered animals.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has a number of cats and dogs currently available for adoption. To take a peek at some of the animals, click here. The shelter is run largely by volunteers from the community.

A promotional video was shared weeks ago for the 2021 "Pooch Splash," at Dierkes Lake this Saturday. Tickets can be purchased at the lake on Saturday prior to entering the grounds. If you have any questions, call 208-736-2299.

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