With the opening of Olive Garden, some people are thrilled and others are disappointed. So, we were wondering if it changed your mind on the best Italian restaurant in Twin Falls.

Lots of people are raving about Olive Garden, I mean, people have been apparently waiting for it to open for 10 years. However, Twin Falls has some pretty good Italian options before Olive Garden opened it's doors. Plus, if you ask some Italians, they claim Olive Garden isn't even real Italian food. Regardless, still tastes pretty good.

Which is the best Italian restaurant in Twin Falls?

We couldn't really think of any other Italian places in the area. So, if there is some that we missed make sure you let us know. Is Olive Garden going to take the place of Tomato's or will local win out over all?

For those who have been to Olive Garden, what do you think? And for those who refuse to go, why?

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