I love scary movies whether they are horror, thriller, suspense, supernatural, or silly. Sometimes the scary movies have an actual villain that causes most of the terror like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger. Other great scary movies don't really let you see what is causing the scares. One of my favorites where there isn't really one single villain that you see throughout the movie is White Noise. If you haven't seen it and need a good scare that will keep you up at night, check it out.

The Babadook was a recent good scary movie where you only saw the bad guy for a little bit but the sound he made was the creepiest part of the movie. A Quiet Place was so great because you are in so much quiet suspense for most of the movie.

Just because I like movies without a visible villain doesn't mean there aren't tons of great horror bad guys. I think my problem with actually seeing the villain is that you can then start to pick out the flaws and ruin the movie. Like the Chucky doll: every time I see these shows I think that all you need to do is throw him. The one that I think is great is Freddy Krueger because he gets you in your sleep. We all know that dreams don't always make sense so any of his flaws are easily erased by the fact that it is your imagination making those flaws real.

Last year it was reported that Idaho's favorite horror movie villain was the Frankenstein monster. Luckily this year it is different. Frontier Bundles says that according to online searches our new favorite movie villain is Pennywise from It. They do specify that we are loving the original Pennywise and not the new one in this study since their info is based on pre-2000 characters, but I bet the new one had an influence on the study.

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