If you were hoping Sony would announce its streaming game service at CES 2014, you are in luck. During Tuesday's keynote, Sony's Andrew House unveiled PlayStation Now, the Gaikai-powered streaming service that would let you play PlayStation games on any Sony platform.

PlayStation Now will bring the library of PSOne, PS2, PS3, PS4 and Vita games to not only the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Vita gaming platforms, but also Sony TVs, tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the power of Gaikai's cloud streaming, the games will be playable on so many platforms as the the device will merely be required for running the video and controller inputs, and the servers on Sony's side will actually run the games themselves.

Sony promised the service would be up and running this year, but an announcement so soon after launch was hardly expected. House promised a closed beta in the U.S. would start at the end of January, with the PlayStation Now service expected to open to everyone sometime this summer. A version of the service is up and running at CES this week, so expect more details on PlayStation Now and how it works as the show progresses.

This is fantastic news for next-gen adopters concerned about the lack of backwards compatibility and the small library of older titles available on the PlayStation 4. With the ability to play so many games on so many platforms, Sony seems poised to further cement its dominance in the current gaming marketplace.