Humans have been consuming cucumbers for thousands of years. Taste palates can determine how cucumbers are prepared. Countries, regions, states, and families have different styles of preparing and eating this special fruit.

Is Cucumber a Fruit?

The long-beleaguered debate of the status of tomato being a fruit or vegetable has been argued and answered. Tomatoes are fruits. Now you can dispute the classification of the cucumber. Since the topic is now being discussed, throw zucchini, melons, and dandelion puffs in the fruit category as well. However, eating dandelion fluff does not have a very good mouth feel. Ever tried to blow on one and accidentally inhaled first?

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Cucumbers have many health benefits. They are known to lower blood sugar, ease constipation, and help with weight loss. They do wonders for the eyes at the spa and are useful in cat videos.

Making Cucumbers Awesome is a Magical and Mystical Process

Since 2030 BC, preserving cucumbers and making them tasty and edible has been a valued process. Pickles are more than just a vinegar-soaked preserved cucumber. The varied flavors and preparation processes appeal to people differently. A good host must be able to provide the proper pickle to a person in order to avoid awkward dinner mishaps.

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What Pickle Preferences Say About Your Personality

Dill Pickles - the most common pickle sold made with vinegar, salt, and dill. Lovers of dill pickles are mostly carefree but don’t appreciate menial things like traffic or daily chores.

Gherkins - dills in a small package. These people are bubbly and bright with underlying confidence.

Sweet Pickles - prepared like a dill, but sugar added in the brine changes things dramatically. Devourers of this type of pickle are friendly and agreeable.

Bread and Butter Pickles - sweet pickles with more flavor added. Munchers of this type are nice but need somewhere to put all the kindness. Volunteering for a charitable event may help.

Spicy Pickles - Dill with spice on top. These people don’t mind taking risks, going on adventures, and trying new foods.

Sour Pickles - BEWARE! Salt, water, and time are all it takes to sour a cucumber. Can you truly trust a pickle that hasn’t been washed in the purity of vinegar? These people are hard to please and tend to overthink. Sour pickle lovers have been linked to anti-social behavior.

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Why do pickles wear glasses? They're legally brined.

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