No! Not the shoes! Payless filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and it looks like they are going to be filing for a second time.

Twin Falls has two Payless locations. It is the best place to get some affordable shoes for pretty much any occasion. If they do end up closing all their stores there are going to be some very sad shoppers.

They are expected to file later this month and that is when they are likely going to completely shut down all of their stores. Payless Shoes has not commented on it.They have been trying to find a buyer unsuccessfully since the original bankruptcy in 2017. There may still be a chance someone will buy it and salvage the store.

The Going Out of business sales should be coming any day now. I guess that benefit of that is getting good shoes at an even bigger discount. Payless was our go to place when we went school clothes shopping. I have piles of shoes from Payless still in my closet today.


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