Winter is here and with it comes snow, ice, and the hectic driving that follows. Getting stuck behind people not driving at your pace can be a bit of an annoyance. Do you pass, stay behind or just scream frantically while you try to decide? Eventually, most of us will find ourselves in a position during this winter, where we are stuck behind a snowplow clearing the roads for our safety. What is the right thing to do in that scenario?

It Is Not Illegal To Pass A Snow Plow In Idaho

Contrary to what some people may think, a snowplow is not like a bus with its stop sign out. You are allowed to pass one if you come up behind one but do so cautiously. Do not pass on the right, as they usually fling the snow in that direction and it could cover your car or send it off the road. It also is your choice, as staying being a snowplow may be safer than getting in front of one, as it is clearing the road for you. When passing, also make sure not to get too close as their plow blades can stretch to 10 feet wide. 

Give A Snow Plow Plenty Of Distance

Credit: Franz Roos on Unsplash
Credit: Franz Roos on Unsplash

While not a law or rule, it is recommended to stay at least 200 feet behind a snowplow when approaching one as they have plenty of blind spots, as well as have snow flinging off the plow. If coming from the opposite side, make sure to slide over to the outside lane, and turn on your lights to help you see and to be seen by the plow driver. 

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The next time you come up behind a snowplow this winter, know it is ok to drive around them, but also be safe and smart about it. Don't be reckless and make sure you can see the road ahead and they are safe, before making the decision. Stay safe out there. 

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