As mentioned earlier this week, there are often secrets in town that you might not be aware of, and there is one that has been occurring that many residents in Twin Falls do not know. You have all been playing a game, without realizing you are playing one. Every time you leave your home, you are partaking in a scavenger hunt, but you likely do not know what you are looking for. Who is hiding things around town and what are you looking for? The answer might excite you and may have you putting forth some effort the next time you leave home.

Weekly Twin Falls Scavenger Hunt

At the beginning of August, a scavenger hunt began in Twin Falls and every week another one begins. Stella's Ice Cream has been hiding tokens around town, and if you follow their Facebook Page or Instagram Page, they will give you hints as to where these coins are hidden. The fun part is not knowing when you head to one if it has been found or not, but if you are the lucky one to get to the coin first, congratulations, you now get to celebrate with free ice cream. The owner tries to do one every Tuesday and Friday, but pending on time it can sometimes be later, earlier, or not at all. Typically when a coin is hidden, the hint will be posted in the late morning or afternoon sometime. She is not sure when she will stop doing it, but the hope is to have it continue for the next few months. 

Stella's Ice Cream in Twin Falls


Stella's Ice Cream in Twin Falls opened in January this year and is located at 1015 Blue Lakes Boulevard. They have a variety of flavors and offer more than just ice cream as they also have brownies, cookies, shakes, ice cream cakes, and more. The scavenger hunt is a great idea to get people talking and is a fun way to interact and engage with their customers. The real question is, if you find this coin in the coming weeks, would you keep it as a souvenir, take pride in finding it but leave it for someone else, or use it to enjoy that free scoop of ice cream? It is hard to pass on a free treat. Click on the link above to see what all Stella's in Twin Falls has to offer, and if it is your favorite ice cream in the area, click on this link to vote for them. You have until August 23 at 11:59 PM and can vote once per day. 

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Make sure to follow Stella's on their social media and the next time they post about hiding a coin, make sure to jump in your car or on your bike and try to be the first one to find it. Sometimes the fun of the scavenger hunt is the best part, but other times, it is nice to reward yourself with free ice cream, knowing your effort paid off. Keep your eyes open, because you never know when a coin could be hidden right in front of you. 

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