There seems to be a lot of bad right now but there is a lot of good going around as well. We have heard people giving away toilet paper, milk and other food. But during this time there are some unsung heroes that are helping make the world continue on.

This letter is for all the retail workers, those who are stocking shelves, truck drivers, teachers, police officers, doctors, nurses and so many others who are going unnoticed right now.

If it weren't for those retail working making sure that you could purchase products, touching the money and cards being handed to them, and doing their best to ensure that no one person walks out with all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer. If it wasn't for the truckers driving extra hours and the people who stock the shelves, the stores would be even more bare than they are now.

The doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly to make sure people get healthy, aren't infected and trying to prevent the spread, thank you. To those police officers, fire fighters and other public service personnel, thank you.

And let's be honest with ourselves right now, how many of us are going to order food for delivery now that lobbies are closing and stores may not have our favorite brand of bread. Those people deserve a thank you as well.

Being in customer service is hard on a regular day but right now, dealing with people who are scared, angry and quite honestly, irrational, it is an even harder profession. Thank you so much for what you do and helping to try to keep the world turning.

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