According to Yahoo starting next week, athletes from around the world will be trying to win Olympic gold medals . . . and it turns out, those medals only contain about as much gold as your wedding ring.       

The gold medals they'll be giving away in London weigh a little over 14 ounces . . . but only contain about a FIFTH of an ounce of gold.  That's a little over 1%.  They're actually mostly SILVER . . . about 93%.  The remaining 6% is copper.         

The last time the Olympics gave away solid gold medals was in 1912.  But now, the only requirement is that the gold medal has at least 6 grams of gold.  (--Six grams is just over 0.2 ounces.) 

If you add up the value of the medal's ingredients on the precious-metals market, a gold medal would be worth about $650.

Silver medals are 93% silver and 7% copper, which would bring about $335.  The bronze is pretty much all copper . . . which means it's worth less than five bucks.