I didn't grow up in Idaho, so I never got to visit Wild Waters when it was open here in Idaho. I didn't really like waterparks when I was a kid anyway, and it wasn't until a few years ago when I went to Roaring Springs that I realized they could be fun and awesome. But, if you grew up in Idaho in the '80s and '90s it wasn't Roaring Springs that fulfilled your need for waterslide fun: it was Wild Waters.

Wild Waters In Idaho

Since I wasn't here when Wild Waters was open, I had to do some digging after I came across a few videos of the remains of the dilapidated waterpark. My research showed me that there were two Wild Waters parks in Idaho, one was in Boise and the other was in Coeur d'Alene. The park in Boise has been gone for a long time, but until recently the CDA location was just sitting there rotting and getting creepier by the day.

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The video that led me on my quest to find out about Wild Waters was a drone video from 2017, but in that 9-minute video, you only get about three minutes of footage of the park. He just talks the rest of the time. So instead, I'll share this video that really lets you see how this could easily be a haunted attraction or home to zombies.

Abandoned Wild Waters Purchased By Hotel Company

I also found in my digging that you don't need to worry about the waterpark being haunted since it was purchased by a hotel company a few years ago and has been demolished.

New Construction At Roaring Springs

The new construction at Roaring Springs will come in 7 phases, with the first phase to be finished in 2023. The new phases will add more waterslides, water attractions, food options, parking, and cabanas.

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