Check out this video of our office staffers fighting over the thermostat settings.

I've seen plenty of office squabbles over the years. Things like not cleaning up the fridge or taking the last cup of coffee without making the next pot can create tension, for sure. But I have seen nothing quite as divisive as the office thermostat... especially in the summer time.

It's impossible to create the perfect temperature for everyone. I tend to like my thermostat set at about 73.  It's the perfect balance.  But some of my co-workers think that's too cold and others seem to prefer a nice, cool arctic blast at 68.

Bottom line, nobody agrees. And even if you have office standards, people will cheat the system. Check out this hidden cam I captured of a couple of my co-workers battling it out. And this was taken over a 30-minute span... Immagine if I had rolled tape for the entire day.

I checked for industry standards and it appears as though OSHA has something to say about the matter.  While they state that they cannot regulate "matters of human comfort" - although I wouldn't put it past them trying,) they say recommend a temperature range around 68-76.

How does your office decide where to set the thermostat? Comment and let me know.

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