I haven't even had Apple's new iOS 8 installed on my iPhone 5 for 24 hours and I've already disabled most of the new "revolutionary" features.

iOS 8 will probably be huge down the road as 3rd party developers begin to develop for the new kits, but right now I'm left pretty underwhelmed. Let's run down the list of new iOS 8 features:

  • Voice and Video in Messages - Is Apple trying to be Snapchat now? Video and audio messages that expire after 2 minutes... yeah. That's for grown ups.
  • QuickType - iOS 8 tries to guess the word you're typing as you're typing. Annoying and seemed to really slow down my phone.
  • 3rd Party Keyboards - Why do I need to buy new keyboards? I'm sorry, but this is Google bloatware.
  • iCloud Drive - Don't we already have Dropbox? And only 5GB free? 75% of my space is already taken by my iPhone backup.
  • Health - Apple's magical new app designed to track your health and fitness... doesn't work. Thanks to a bug at release, Apple shut down Health.
  • Favorites and Recents in Multitasking - Why do I need to see my favorites in the multitasking screen? Aren't they already where I need them: in contacts?
  • Family Sharing - Well... that's actually a pretty good idea. Now your entire family can share one iTunes account and you can set limits for your kids. This I like.

Don't get me wrong, iOS 8 has a lot going on under the hood. It's a big jump for developers, how the operating system works and interacts with apps, and how our phones interact with us. But all the shiny new toys Apple gave us to play with... I've disabled most of them already.

iOS 8 is a free update for iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

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