Transporting goods or people from one point to another is called logistics. The definition is simple. The execution is not. But Idaho has a new option that will make many trips much more enjoyable and easier for travelers.

How Can I Get to Where I Want to Go In Idaho Or Out Of It?

If you need to travel a long distance in a short amount of time, walking seems a bit slow. 3mph won’t get you anywhere without some new walking shoes and a love of unemployment and camping. Not really a viable option for anyone interested in more than a trip across town.

Bicycling is quicker. Do you own a bicycle and know how to ride? Do you have cool bicycle gear? It is quicker than walking, but an 8-hour bike excursion gets you about 120 miles, and you may get a bit sweaty. Do you have the thighs and heart muscles for the trip?

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Should you fly? It would take far less time, but what does it take to go on a flight these days? Do you have the right ID to get on a plane? Are you ready for the TSA pat down? Do you have the credit score required to get the loan to pay for the plane tickets?

Driving is a great option. The first thing you really need is a driver’s license. Legality is important. Do you have a vehicle? Not just any motorized vehicle, but one that will complete the task you have set before it. Do you have the money for gas? All things to consider.

New Megabus Option Arrives In Idaho

After considering all those options, perhaps a look at buses is more your speed. You don’t need a license. You don’t even have to stay awake to get to your destination. Your fitness level won’t be tested. You can get where you want to go quickly enough so you won’t have to quit your job to go on a trip. This all sounds pretty good, right?

There is a new process in place to help with logistics through the northern I-15 corridor. Megabus, Salt Lake Express, and Northwestern Stage Lines have put together a great way to move through Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Butte, MT is your destination? You can get there without a fuss. Thinking of a trip to Spokane, WA? Okay. There are even daily trips available in Boise, Helena, Reno, and Salt Lake City.

Since teleportation isn't available to the public yet, I suppose I'll settle for stress-free bus travel.

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